building your modern home now...

Building your modern home now...

  • A Modern Home, Different From The Rest
  • Appliances, Blinds & Free Year Of Internet/TV Service Included
  • Gas Heat & Hot Water, Saving you 50% In Energy Costs
  • Ten Year New Home Warranty
  • Unlimited On-Demand Hot Water
  • Your Own Garage, Balcony & Compact Lot
  • The Galloping Goose Trail At Your Back Door
  • So Inexpensive To Operate, Save For A Yearly Vacation
  • Modern Design & Features To Suit Your Lifestyle
  • Ultra Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly
A collection of 69 Modern Small Footprint Homes situated in scenic Happy Valley, starting at $324,900! Including GST
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Unbeatable Features
Mastering the Art of Creating Communities...
Why Does Summerstone Offer Unbeatable Value?

We keep hearing from our buyers that Summerstone offers standard features far above the other developments that they have visited especially in this price range.  Of course, we agree!  Click here to see what Buyers are saying!

Location, Location, Location! Live close to nature, schools & amenities.  Your new home is only a short drive to Westshore Town Centre and City Centre Park.

Nine Foot Ceilings:  Space, light, and air are all better with a higher ceiling.  It’s no mistake that the most expensive homes all have 9’ ceilings.  It’s nicer to live in, and much better for resale.  Most homes we build have the 9’ ceiling standard on the main living level, while other developers offer lower ceilings only, or charge thousands extra for higher ceilings.  At our great prices, there is no need to compromise.

On Demand Hot Water: Cold showers are a thing of the past! Standard on demand hot water system. No tank and reduced utility cost while enjoying unlimited hot water (even if you have four daughters…)

Natural Gas Fireplace: There is nothing more cozy & warm than sitting beside your very own real fireplace.  We know what makes a “house” a “home” and offer a cozy gas fireplace as a standard feature in every house we build.  Don’t settle for a fake-flame electric fireplace.  This is your home, you deserve a real gas fireplace.

Gas Barbecue Valve:Never again will you run out of propane in the middle of your dinner party.  No more lugging propane bottles around.  Just plug your barbecue into the outlet on your deck and you can take advantage the superior barbecue power of natural gas.
State of the Art Direct Vent Ductless Wall Furnace! Provides consistent warmth and comfort while saving huge $$$ in Hydro costs.

Free Year of TV & Internet: We looked to the future and went the extra mile to install fibre optic cable right into every home for the fastest internet ever.  Then, we worked with Telus to offer a free year of superfast internet and TV service.  There is no catch, just great TV and internet, free for a year - over a $1000 value.

Built BC Green:  Now that you’ve spent your money to buy your new home, we are committed to making it as inexpensive and safe to in as possible.  That’s why every one of our homes is built to the “Built Green BC” standard to give you a home that is not only super efficient, but provides better air quality and is more durable.


Natural gas. Good for smaller bills.

Whether keeping your home cozy and warm or heating water, natural gas offers convenience, comfort and cost savings.

Heating your home and water consumes a whopping 78 per cent of the total energy used in your home.1
But with natural gas space heating equipment up to 98 per cent efficient, you’ll see standout savings
when you compare natural gas to other types of fuels or energy choices.

Fortis BC

What is Built Green BC™?

Built Green™ promotes construction of buildings that are healthier for the occupants and healthier for the environment. Sustainable or “green” building practices can reduce the tremendous impact that building has on both people and nature.

  1. Better energy efficiency means comfort and long-term savings for the homeowner.
  2. Healthier indoor air means comfort, better health and peace of mind for the family. 
  3. Durable, reduced-maintenance materials mean a longer life for the home and long term savings.
  4. Preserving natural resources means leaving more for future generations to enjoy. 

Informing and educating the home-buying public on the value of a home that meets Built Green™ standards are one of the primary undertakings of the program. An informed buyer will recognize the value of greater energy efficiency, healthier indoor air, reduced water usage, and improved comfort.
Sustainable building practices go beyond energy and water conservation, resource efficient building materials and superior indoor environmental quality.

What are the benefits to you?

  1. Lower electric and water utility costs
  2. Environmentally effective use of building materials
  3. Enhanced health and productivity
  4. Long-term economic returns
  5. Reduced environmental impact

You, as the homebuyer will know that your Built Green™ home represents your commitment to the environment, future generations and improving the way we live.
For more information please visit the below links:

  1. Built Green Canada -              
  2. Power Smart - 

Built Green

Optik™ is here in full bloom.

Are excited to offer you a FREE year of our revolutionary Optik services. *

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Optik TV™ with PVR Anywhere:

  1. Record shows on the go from a smartphone
  2. Enjoy more HD channels than cable
  3. 1 PVR is all you need – record and play back shows on any TV in your home with a digital box

Optik Internet™:

  1. Surf from any room with home Wi-Fi
  2. Enjoy speeds up to 15 Mbps
  3. The most secure Internet access**

Ask your sales agent for details on our exclusive offer.

The Limona Group has the privilege of sharing some of our achievements with you.
Developer's Awards

The Limona Group


In 2008, Limona Construction was recognized as being a builder of high-quality energy-efficient homes that showed leadership in creating a more energy-efficient, environmentally responsible construction industry. They were presented the Power Smart Excellence Awards for Builder/Developer of the Year by BC Hydro.

The Canadian Home Builders Association CARE Awards of Vancouver Island, (Construction Achievements and Renovations of Excellence), recognizes the winning efforts of Vancouver Island’s professional builders, developers, architects and designers, landscape architects, interior designers, and sales and marketing professionals.

Since 2001, Limona Construction has been recognized by the Canadian Home Builders Association a total of 85 times, winning 20 Gold and 65 Silver Care Awards for their innovative and enviromentally-friendly building projects.


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